My Big Adventures

“The mountains are calling and I must go” (John Muir).
For the whole of my adult life I have played amongst the mountains of the world. Why this environment speaks to me so clearly I do not fully understand.

There is something about their majesty and imposing bulk that pulls me back year upon year for more adventures. As I age I find similar solace in all manner of outdoor environs, Coastlines and rural idylls, some many miles from the hills and mountains that I love, are providing me with joyful travelling experiences in a gentler world. One where I can live a simple life, be quiet and enjoy nature.

My Books

Writing wasn’t something I’d ever planned on doing. Not since school had I put pen to paper for anything other than academic reasons. After my breakdown I began to scribble down my thoughts and feelings in an unstructured and haphazard manner.

It became part of my therapy and when I cycled around the UK coast, people began to enquire whether I would write about it. Since those days, haven’t stopped and love expressing myself in words.

About Riding2Recovery

The Ride of My Life is a journey back through time to rediscover the places, people and events that have been important in making me the person that I’ve become.

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