Hi there,

My name is Graeme Willgress and I’m planning to ride Round the UK mainland to support a charity called Sustrans in 2011. You can find out about them at http://www.sustrans.org.uk/ . the main reason I am starting this blog is that with a year and a half to go I want to share the up’s and down’s, joys and frustrations of my biggest ever adventure with you.

The Reasons for this are simple. Four years ago and for a variety of reason I suffered a major breakdown. It seemed like the end of my life was really close. I am so glad to be feeling better than that, thatI decided it was time to try to do something useful that will benefit the community.

I also want others to see that mental health issues are not as scary as the media portray. There are many levels of many illnesses and living with them is very scary indeed but no threat to others. So, anybody who wants to discuss anything to do with ride or issues like the Bi Polar Disorder that I suffer, feel free.

Finally, I have started a charity webpage to raise donations to my charity. You can find this on http://www.justgiving.co.uk/ and punching in my name or the charity name.

Until the next episode then……….