Well normally I’d be out on the bike today but I decided against it. Why? Well to start with a very large lump of oak tree appeared on top of my shed following the weekend storm. My neighbour, Neil, kindly offered to saw it up with his chain saw. Imagine two small boys at play!! The logs are going to a friend who is skint but has a wood burner so she will be happy.

I needed to chill-out a bit after frazzling my brain setting this up and my fund raising page and the bike was in need of some tlc as the last few rides were, to say the least ‘Mucky’!! looking after the bike is as important as looking after me, so, it was washed and lubricated and various things adjusted ready for my trip to the shops in Okehampton. I only go once a week, with the trailer and buy all the usual stuff, but it’s a different experience from going in the car and one I really enjoy, rain or shine. Just got to put the rack back on and I reckon were ready to roll.

Personally I woke up really tired and that is why I’m not forcing myself to go out riding. First signs of this were sleepng until 10.30am, not usual at all. Secondly, I was totally convinced that it was Monday until my friend who’s coming to lunch didn’t turn up. I was quite worried until I realised it was Sunday. DOH!! Sounds funny, but this confusion stuff really is trying at times. Have I taken my drugs? god knows, but I think so, have to see later!

So, a lazy day it is, tommorow I shall be out early to shop if I remember that is! the rest of today, well I reckon a bath, nice tea, and telly. Enjoy your sunday