It’s been a good week on the cycling front. I’ve managed around one hundred miles with little lasting physical effect. It amazes me, just how quickly our bodies can adapt to the demands we make of it, even when we are middle aged. I have done several rides to Okehampton with the trailer. Most of this is on account of the fact I got halfway there, got a puncture and I hadn’t taken the spanner out of the kit that I remove the wheel with. Ha ha ha ha, the jokes on me! Note to self: never leave home without all the spanners you need.

Having cycled home with the flat, it was soon rectified and I was on my way again. It was really windy and wet this week, probably good experience for when I do the real thing! I checked out my section of the Tarka Trail that I keep an eye on for Sustrans. Several trees were down between my house and Bideford. All had been cut back, and apart from spotting some damage to railings over a bridge, there was little to see.

The trail was so quiet apart from the roaring wind. I met an american couple going North on a Tandem. They were on the Devon Coast to Coast and having a great time. Quite a lot of this trail is tarmac, although it’s quite difficult to see it at this time of the year. it’s nice to ride on an easy trail, it still gets me out for a 35 mile ride, but is less tiring and allows me to spin-up a lot more.

Most of the rest of this week, I’ve been suffering Head-Stuff. I won’t try to explain it, except to say that it disrupts my sleep and makes me feel like the person in the famous painting ‘The Scream’. So, I am having three days rest which will take me up to Sunday when I shall ride to Bude and back. I’m still discussing things with the Doctor, but there’s only so much they an do. For the record, my Doctor has been really supportive over a long period of time.

Outside of cycling, I’ve written a lot of letters asking for support for the ride. It always amazes me just how positive and supportive people are. A lovely email from a guy who runs a company making lightweight Teepee style tents really buoyed me up this week. Other than that, the planning side of things is taking shape.

It’s a strange piece of road where I live. You leave home and are hit straight away by three consecutive ‘graded hills’. I used to avoid this road because of that, but now I kick back and twiddle and in the end they’re done. As you get out toward Holsworthy and beyond it eases, thankfully, and I still get as excited as a child as I approach the coast.

I’ll let you know how it goes this week and please do look at the slowly growing ‘with thanks To’ page. They are the companies making this happen. Cheers.

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