Yesterday morning, I stumbled downstairs in my usual sleepy state and made coffee. After switching on the Christmas tree lights I walked back into the kitchen and stubbed my toe. It hurt like mad, and when I sat down to look at it, it was obviously dislocated as it stuck out sideways!!!

A friend took me to the local hospital where the Doctor ‘replaced’ the toe using some force. I was on ‘gas and air’ so although painful, I didn’t care too much. It’s 3am now and the pain is really bad. So, I thought I would write this addendum to the blog. I can’t ride for a while, but I’ve always had good powers of recovery, so fingers crossed. I hope to be back out before the New Year, but there’s nno real hurry and I’ve pushed injuries too hard before and it just takes longer then. So, Merry Christmas to all of you out there, and here’s to chilling out.