I havn’t written anything here for a while, mostly because I spent christmas hobbling around with a very sore toe following the dislocation. I did get out on Boxing day and New Years day despite the ice everywhere, and then we got the snow, lots of it and it stayed for a week.

Also in this period I became 50, yipee, Saga holidays, NOT!! I have to say that it felt really good to get back on my ‘normal’ diet after the festive season. I didn’t really overdo it, but I missed stuff I would normally have. So, it was back on the bike and off we go. 2010, the year of fundraising and lots of miles. I’m already planning a ‘cake-bake’, yes really, a market stall to raise the profile of the ride/Sustrans and a pub quiz, which a friend is taking on.

The riding is going really well. I’ve had to look at all the boring stuff like what I eat & drink when I’m out, as well as what I eat and drink when I am in recovery. Boring it might be but I have found tremendous gains in performance and endurance here, suggesting I was doing it all wrong LOL.

Gear is coming in from sponsors and I’m really excited about the Ultralight, bonded, Teepee that Arapahoe Outdoors are modifying and sending over from ‘The States’. Should be here in March, so I’ll post some pictures then. I’m also building up to my first tour in April. A trip of 350 miles or so around the South West Penninsula. Lots of steep hills and puffing and panting (from the cycling). I can’t wait, I just a few items to buy to set me on my way.

The bike itself is morphing slowly. I’m getting the new wheels shortly, with said Sram Dual Drive and a Son Dynamo on the front to charge stuff. Should be wicked, I’ll let you know with a few photo’s of that too.

Talking of photo’s, ‘Buff’ have requested some pictures of yours truly ‘wearing their Kit’. Male model poses? I don’t think so, or at least I hope not!! Yes, some of these will appear here and on Facebook etc.