Merry christmas to all those reading this blog. It’s certainly winter now, and the last month has seen, firstly, ice everywhere and this was followed by about 8 inches of snow which is still everywhere across West Devon where I live.

It’s made cycling really interesting for those of us stupid enough to want to try and keep getting out in it. I borrowed some MTB tyres from a friend in order to keep riding, and it’s been quite successful. You cant really do anything on ice, other than fall over!! and it’s impossible to get anything delivered at the moment, so studded tyres are out completely. Barring a few incidents wher the bike and I have ended up pointing the wrong way, or just up ended, it’s been great fun in a smal boy sort of a way!!!!

The scenery is stunning and the lack of any cars make it real fun. I saw a tractor the other day, nothing new in that, but behind it was a bag of feed on a long string, with a small boy sat on top!! he had a grin the size of Cheshire and was obviously really enjoying it.

I also saw three Fallow Deer, grazing right next to the road. I think they were as suprised as I was as the stared for a long time before bouncing off into the scenery.

Clothing wise, I’ve taken to ski salopettes, the warm kind, a woolly hat and windproof gloves. it all works rather well with a fleece and jacket over the lot, unthough it doesnt look very cool! I cant get very far unless the road is solid snow. The bike fishtails around all over the place, making for a very strenuous aerobic workout. What fun though, falling off in snow is quite acceptable really and doesnt hurt. There’s no point to it whatsoever, as walking is easier, but I had a big cheesy grin by the time I finished.

So, don’t commit your bike to the shed for winter, get out and have a laugh. I hope the New Year brings you whatever you desire. It will certainly be an exciting one for me, and I cant wait.

Happy New Year to all of you.