I’ve been on the road for 2 weeks. All the madness leading up to the ride has gone and it’s just me and ‘Irene’ now.
It’s been an amazing journey to here. People and their generosity have been incredible giving free overnights, meals and donations to me.

North Devon and Cornwall have some of thetoughest riding on the ride but this comes with incredible natural scenery that I can’t begin to describe to you.

It seems that I have found a rhythm, a pace to ride and stop and see this beautiful island from.
Life is so simple, get up, eat, pack up and ride before pitching up again somewhere new and wonderful. Then do it all again tomorrow.

I’m learning to relax on the bike, not caring how fast or slow I go. I know I will reach my destination by evening making it easy to stop and absorb sights and sounds as I go.
I’m not a great one for sightseeing, I prefer to sit amongst nature, under a tree or by a babbling brook. Life has slowed down now and I’m loving it.

There have been emotional moments as my Fathers birthday came and went. My mum left us forever on this day four years ago, bless you mum, you’re in my thoughts daily.
There’s been no loneliness as the days seem very full with just seeing to the basics of shopping, eating and cooking on top of the riding.

I take the time each night to write my journal, & find this really centring, enjoyable too. It settles my mind, allowing me to re-run the days adventures thoughts and feelings.
So far, I’ve almost lost a trailer wheel (my fault) &tipped it over twice. I think I’ve learned now to be a bit more careful!! I’ve also met a guy who lost an arm to a Tiger and sat underneath a giant gunnera plant which looks like enormous rhubarb stalks.

I sadly had a seam problem on the teepee which means I’m now in a ‘laser comp’, a tent I really love.
Most suprising for me is how good I’ve been feeling despite the frequent and massive Cornish and Dorset hills
It’s all about that rhythm, and I seemed to have worked out how to back right off and crawl up these monsters, even enjoying the challenge to a point.

Anyway, by the end of tomorrow I’ll be nigh on 500 miles above Swanage bay. All of this has been made much easier by the brilliant Santos Travelmaster bike. It’s just so right for the job. I went for a short spin without the trailer the other night and it felt so springy and alive, unlike any other Alu bike I’ve ever owned.

I did take the time to change the rear derailleur cable a few days ago as the changing was all over the place and no adjusent would sort it out. Once done, it’s been fine again.
I seem to be comfortable at around 40 miles a day, with one of 50. That’s plenty for me, and rather than extend this, I’ll enjoy the extra time off the bike doing other stuff as the rides moves East.

I’m off to one of my favourite campsites anywhere tomorrow, and may well stay for 2 nights as I love it there. Then it’s friends in the New Forest before heading for MSG for a bike fitting, hopefully!!!

I’ll finish today by thanking everybody who has been In touch, wished me well, or sent messages to me. It’s been amazing and as much as I’d like to reply to all of you, I can’t, so thanks and stay in touch, it really helps me.