It seems kind of weird to be ‘not moving’. I’m hanging out near Brighton awaiting the fitting of a Rohloff hub at MSG, Lancing.
I hadn’t intended to stop here, and certainly not now, what with the bank holiday looming. So, why did I? It’s simple really, I’d wanted a Rohloff system prior to buying the bike, but funds were stretched, so I went for a base model with the intention of upgrading.

MSG is where the ergonomic fitting of man and Santos takes place. Alistair and Sheila are lovely and have a huge knowledge of this specialist area.

They also love all things cycling. Alistair has a real eye for detail and a passion to do things the best way possible. That makes him my kind of cyclist, and it’s a pleasure to ask them to do the conversion, even if that means a lay-up for a week or so.

Although I lived in Hampshire for many years, I never ventured much to the East. Brighton itself is a really lovely and very lively town. I could spend days, maybe weeks, exploring it’s nooks and crannies, pubs and cafe’s.
It has Continental feel, charming, and grown up, but still with it’s seaside town aspects in place.

It’d be too easy to just keep rolling along, so it’s just as nice stopping and taking it in as I go. I’ve clocked just over 600 miles so far, and I’m beginning to get my touring legs. The journey for me is as much about seeing things as it is the riding.
The last few days I’ve been joined by Katy and her children. It’s been great fun seeing things through young eyes and lovely to have company.

As I sit here now, they’ve gone, but they are coming back next week as it’s half term. After that I’ll be on my own and heading North.
The Caravan Club have been amazing, letting me stay free of charge until the bike is done. The staff are all friendly and this lovely site is only a couple of miles from Brighton, making short excursions for coffee and cake in the morning really easy.
The sun has continued to shine on me. It won’t last forever, but it’s so nice to sit out, eat out, and be able to wash/dry clothes and cook easily.

I think this has really helped me to settle onto the ride. It would be easy to panic about being stationary, but I’m not
because once ‘Irene’ has her upgrade, well both be more than ready to move on.

So many days fantastic riding already and I’m barely started. The stand out day So far was the journey from Brockenhurst in the New Forest, to Southbourne near Chichester. It’s tops for the four incredible ferry crossings. Two into major sea ports and two in rural areas. there’s something special about catching ferries. You have to wait, chatting to whoever is there. Then there’s the rigmorale of getting Irene and trailer aboard. It’s just a whole lot of fun.

Finally. A word of warning. Twelve year olds and tents don’t go together. My Vango Spectre is testament to this with big hole and two broken poles to show for it’s efforts to house one!!!! As you can Imagine, I was seriously unimpressed by this and the said twelve year old has no idea how lucky he was that his mother was there!!!!!!!
Now, peace is restored as I have nothing to do but wait for the call to take the bike to MSG. I’ll be doing some more sight seeing, but mostly resting until ‘me, myself and Irene’ hit the road again.

See you soon