Now it's empty, I can feel the great peace of Fife again.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Im sitting on a, now empty, campsite, looking toward the coast at St Andrews. The campsite that was busy from Friday frantically emptied this morning as people made their way back home. I arrived on Friday after four tough days riding. Wind, hills...

Leaving it behind and moving into Northumberland, it was time to slow down, rest, and enjoy the fruits of my labours.

Ever Northward

Another weeks cycling over and I’m almost at the Scottish border. It’s been another week of surprises, with fantastic riding and a two day rest before heading off again. I’ve really felt for Len Crosiers this week as he had to gi...

It's taken time to ride each day without worrying about where to go or stop, how long for and whether I should or not.

By heck, I’m up North!!

It’s been an amazing week for Ride2Recovery. From Norfolk to North Yorkshire with amazing people and places everywhere. The Rohloffs beautiful. Simply get on, ride and forget it’s there. I’ve travelled through the fens, battled h...

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Moving on up

Since the last post, I’ve travelled a long way. Picking up the bike from msg in Lancing, I was impressed straight Way with the Rohloff. It was all a bit tight, but Alistair had made a great job of fitting it and customising bits to suit the ...

Morning has broken :-)

Morning has broken