Since the last post, I’ve travelled a long way. Picking up the bike from msg in Lancing, I was impressed straight Way with the Rohloff. It was all a bit tight, but Alistair had made a great job of fitting it and customising bits to suit the frame.
I made the decision to put in some big days, Mostly as I wanted to clear the S.East before Katy and her children joined ms at half term.

3 days of 70 miles and one of 80,left me very tired with the in between days all over 45 miles. Taking 3 days off in Norfolk allowed katy and I to show each other places we knew from our childhood visits, and in Katys case, where she grew up.

For me, visiting my Parents grave for the first time was difficult, but positive thing to do. All manner of emotions swam around in my mind, releasing tears, memories and moments that had been locked away since their deaths and that of my sister. I returned once more, on the way through to place some honeysuckle alongside the flowers I previously placed and said my goodbyes before setting off once again.

The ride from Brighton had so many highlights, Beachy Head, where I met volunteers on ‘suicide watch’, the Battle of Britain memorial, an emotional place where a Spitfire flew overhead to add to the atmosphere. I visited the Cinque ports and wondered at the architecture, and rode the flatlands and estuaries around the South East.

I was struck by the speed of the traffic and how many people felt 2 ft was enough 60/70 mph !!!!
Most of all, I missed ferries. Some unreliable, some shut for holidays, etc. If it wasn’t for this, I’d have missed out on some amazing generosity from the public. In particular, John and Gerry Lord, who ferried me,Irene and Trevor right round to Bawdsey from Old Harwich where I was stranded after the ferry broke down. I always disliked those huge Lexus 4×4’s, but it swallowed all my kit and I and transported me in great comfort to begin again at Felixstowe Ferry. Big thanks to John and Gerry for that.

Today I’m off to Sandringham to camp in Queenies garden !! It’s been odd being alone again after 3 noisy children and Katy being around, but I so like the tranquility of it!! I’m back to sensible miles now, around 45-50 per day is fine. I’ve replaced the computer, stolen when I popped into Halfords for a tube, and the Rohloff is easing slowly as I do more miles.

The first thousand miles have been amazing. As I slowly work North, I’m sure the second will be as well. I’m just riding each day as it comes, enjoying this amazing weather, and every one of them, I’m struck by something, a person, plant, animal, view etc. Every day is special, even those fighting the wind or-crowded with people.
Each time I stop, I find interested people, generous people, and generally nice people, not like the news would have us believe at all.

What ever your doing, enjoy it and please do stay in touch, it’s a great spur to me.

Til next time
See ya
Graeme 🙂