Another weeks cycling over and I’m almost at the Scottish border. It’s been another week of surprises, with fantastic riding and a two day rest before heading off again.

I’ve really felt for Len Crosiers this week as he had to give up on his own trip due to health problems. With limited time, you are always pushing mileage, but he had the sense to stop, which means he will hopefully recover quickly and be back on the road soon.

Many people criticise Sustrans and their routes, personally, I’ve had a ball this week with miles and miles of beautiful, traffic free riding in all manner of surroundings, from wonderful countryside to urban wasteland.
In mind, this was a really big week. Ever since I had the initial idea, I was dreading the passage through the NE, especially after the near panic attack in Hull when I simply couldn’t find the route I wanted.

I need not have worried though, as problems arose, so did I, to the challenge that is. All it took was the time to sit back, relax, and think it through. People always seem to turn up to help out when you need them. The GPS is invaluable when the path forks without a sign (the only time it’s on really) and a step back clears the head enough to not worry.
As for the NE, I had a ball, meeting lovely people, enjoying the luxury of two B&B’s and generally enjoying the industrial heritage and beautiful countryside, all mingled together.

Leaving it behind and moving into Northumberland, it was time to slow down, rest, and enjoy the fruits of my labours.
Sitting on the beach, just down from Dunstanborough Castle, I found myself wondering how a change of scenery can instantly soothe the soul. People surfed, and others walked, I just sat and looked in awe at the beauty of the scenery and the majesty of the castle ruins. So much history and a wildness akin to the Scottish West Coast make for something special, and I just sat, drinking it in.

Tomorrow, I’m heading for Holy Island, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I don’t know why, but the name, Lindisfarne, strikes a chord in my soul somewhere.

Apparently, a car driver got it wrong this week, climbing the refuge tower as his car was submerged in the tide. I wondered why they tried? I’d have waited for the next low tide myself!!

So here I am, surprised by my progress every day. I can see clearly how people get addicted to this. I won’t do too many miles this week with so much to see, buts that’s the whole point, seeing and experiencing new, sometimes uncomfortable things as well as the beauty of this wee island and it’s infinite variety of scenery, people and experience. You don’t have to go abroad to have an adventure, it’s all in the mind. 🙂