Im sitting on a, now empty, campsite, looking toward the coast at St Andrews. The campsite that was busy from Friday frantically emptied this morning as people made their way back home.
I arrived on Friday after four tough days riding. Wind, hills, rain and traffic free paths made of grass and mud made my days long but great fun.

I needed to rest up and just be. I felt tired in mind and body. Due to a chance meeting with another cyclist, I learned about this site. A small grass site about 4 miles out of St Andrews.
Now it’s empty, I can feel the great peace of Fife again. Only birds interfere with the silence along with the wind, as it flows past trees and fences.

To get here I journeyed through the wild Northumberland coast, the hills of The Borders and the magnificence of Edinburgh and the mighty Forth Bridge.

JOG is still 400 miles or so by way of the coast. Dundee, Arbroath and Aberdeen will all be passed in the next two days. I’ll be pedalling right through the heart of all of these towns and cities and look forward to that.
I can’t think ahead too much, it all looks daunting, so I do a day at a time as I’ve said before, and that way stay calm and enjoy it.

This weekend, apart from some shopping and sightseeing in St. Andrews, I’m just relaxing,writing and recovering. The pattern is establishing itself whereby I need two consecutive days rest to ride for the next 4/5.
I’ll take in-between days too if I feel I need it. I now feel a long way from home, friends and familiar things. I’m constantly stunned by the surprises that lie around every corner and at my ability to keep going and enjoy it, lol.

The absolute peace of this afternoon is recharging my batteries. I need this quiet to let my mind settle. I have talked to so many people this week I just needed to stop! Not because I dont enjoy it, but because my mind demands this quiet in order to rest and recuperate.

All I’ve done today is to swap the tent for an Eco-Wham for the night (picture on FB Ride2Recovery page) This means I’ve more or less packed for tomorrow, and have a great deal of comfort for the rest of today.
Little decisions like this help stop me from Getting stale. A meal out and a Comfy night are real bonuses.

I seem to have acquired a ‘self deflating’ mattress. I can’t find a problem, and think it may be the valve. What I’ve learned from this is that it’s still really comfortable with almost no air in!! I reinflated it this morning, and it’s fine!!
By the next blog, I’ll be close to Inverness. I then have to decide whether to stick to the coast and the main road or say ‘sod it’ and head up through Sutherland. I’ll probably stick to the coast and check out some of the campsites people have told me about. It’s only a couple of days after all!!! Then I must remember to turn left 🙂

The bikes cleaned, lubed and ready for the off in the morning and I’m feeling more that way inclined by the hour.
As I head away from here, there’s a Coastal track used by NCN 1 that takes me really close to where seals are known to use the beach. I’ll try and post some pictures if I get lucky.

Dolphins also use this stretch of coast, but I think I’m too early to see any, well have to wait and see.
That’s the beauty of travelling, you never know what’s going to happen next.
I’ve raised another £100 since I last wrote, so thanks to all those people for their kind donations.

Now for some serious ‘doing nothing’ 🙂

See you all soon,