So here I am, sat in a campsite at Lynton, Devon. The journey is almost over and I’m trying to come to terms with that.
Going home is exciting and daunting. I’ve lived and breathed this adventure for two years. I’m excited because when I had the idea it was way beyond what I could actually do!! A pipe dream that took a lot of hard work, belief and commitment before I could even start it.

To complete the ride is to start a new chapter in life’s big book. Returning home marks the start of the second chapter.
I’ve four days to get a few miles down the road, so I have the luxury of two lazy days and two relatively short rides to complete the ride. That’s just as well because my body is tired from the constant effort of riding and living in a tiny space.

The suns come out on Exmoor and I’ll be strolling into Lynton later to mooch about and enjoy the scenery/cafe’s
There will be a finishing party at Orchard Cafe, East Yarde from midday Sunday onwards. I will be riding the last leg from North Morte Farm Campsite, Morthoe, using NCN 27, the Devon coast to coast route to get there.

Anybody wishing to join me will be very welcome. I’ll be stopping at Fremington Quay Cafe to say hello ‘en route’. Paul and Charlotte who run it have also been very supportive about the whole thing.

I already have mixed feelings about getting home. Riding for four months has confirmed how much I love living where I do, and that journeying by bike is a wonderful way to live. Quite a few people suggested that when I get home I’ll initially feel like ‘never again’. I don’t have that feeling, it’s more like ‘where next’ 🙂

People all through the journey have been amazing, no more so than those at home who have encouraged me and supported the ride for a long time prior to my doing it, and all through it as well.

I’m not one for counting my chickens before they hatch and I won’t feel the ride is finished until I cross the point South of Bideford where the loop is closed.

There have been lots of thoughts about what happens next and I’ll continue to mull these over during the next few days and weeks.

One thing that is certain is that I will be writing about the ride from prior to it’s conception, being very unwell, to it’s completion and the future. I’ve written a daily journal to act as an aide memoir and will base the book upon this.

Anyway, I’m now going back to my thoughts and feelings around the next few days. There’s still washing to be done, a bike to clean and food to be found to quell the constant hunger that comes with riding!!

Next time I post, it’ll be from home, wow!!