Ride2Recovery 2 – Map of the route

I just had  to include a map to show you where I’ll be heading this year. I think you’ll agree it looks pretty wild and exciting!

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The early bird catches the sun!!!

Today was one of those days. I’d been buried in my laptop, book, sponsorship and all manner of things and really needed to ride to clear my head. I woke early, which isn’t unusual and pottered around with all the usual things like maki...

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Exciting times: Ride2Recovery 2 takes shape

I’d like to take one final look back at 2011. I received an email from Sustrans last week saying that the total raised by Round Britain-Ride2Recovery was £3392.00. I was stunned and want to say thank you to everybody for supporting both me a...

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2012 – Ride2Recovery2 – Game on!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody. 2011 was a special year. Two years of commitment, blood ,sweat and tears,(plenty of those)  went into Ride2Recovery and it was brilliant.  Life smiled at me and I smiled back. It will live in my memory forever, as will...