Cycling blogs:

Having completed a thirty thousand mile round the world trip, Friedel and Andrew set about providing a wealth of information on what to do, and what not to do. When this information comes from such accomplished cyclists, you know its reliable. Even better, many of the worlds most experienced cyclists subscribe to, and offer information to the site. Their books on cycle touring are as useful to beginners as they are to more experienced cyclists alike. Even now they have baby Luke, they show no signs of slowing down.

 Giving up secure careers to tour continuously takes guts. Russ and Laura did just that in 2009. They haven’t looked back since. Russ’ amazing photography and Laura’s hand-made jewellery business ‘Tangerine Treehouse’ has kept them afloat whilst they ride. They are now travelling the world, advocating cycles for transport and using their creativity to develop ideas further.


 Let’s travel the world with our kids! What better way to grow up and gain an education. A wonderful blog, full of surprises.




One man, one bike, six continents, and time to enjoy them all. A truly solo adventure and great reading. He uses a Santos Travelmaster, of course.


 Another Santos rider. For Sarah, rowing the Atlantic and Indian oceans wasn’t enough. London to London, via the world , sees her cycling the continents, kayaking the rivers and rowing all the major oceans of the world in one incredible push. She’s just about to row the Pacific, so do take a look.



 Adventurer, motivational speaker and author, Alastair is one of life’s explorers. From Huge cycle rides, walking across Iceland, to having an adventure walking around M25 without a map, Alastair’s writing will make you want to get and do it.


Young adventurer and film maker Leon cycled to London to Honk Kong last year. Not happy with that, he’s currently walking home from Mongolia, yes really. This man has a bright future as an exploring film maker.



 Eating cuisine from all around the world whilst adventuring, this is a different and very enjoyable website. Cycling and food are a match made in heaven, so it was natural to combine the two whilst cycling the planet



 My friend David Piper works for a living and uses his holidays to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle. Each year another gap is plugged, and very soon the line will run all the way around the world. He’s still planning other adventures for when he’s done. David travels fast and light.

There are many other websites and blogs worth reading and investigating. I’ll leave you to find them


Mental Health charities and supporting organisations:

  Major Uk mental health charity that I’m supporting from this year




Providers of information and support through their website and sane-line, a 24 hour service for those needing professional help.




Befriending and information service.



 Befriending service to help you through. Whilst not offering professional advice, it offers a place to share your worries with like-minded people, and a stack of contacts/information should you need further help.




Top quality information and support.

There are many other organisations in the UK. These are just the ones I have had personal dealing with. I hope they help.