My Big Adventures - let's go explore

Everywhere you go is a new adventure when you travel using pedal power.

I watched in silence as a young couple arrived at the campsite on which I was relaxing in Scotland. They scurried around their bikes and equipment, setting up their tent like a well oiled machine. The appeared happy, relaxed and full of life, almost the exact opposite of my depressed and grief ridden mind. Somewhere inside a spark was set. “Remember those amazing tours you did in the 90’s?” I did, and the spark became a flame. Back home I bagan pedalling, puffing and panting.

I spent eighteen months living the idea of cycling around the UK coast, managing my illness. In 2011 it became a reality and I learned a great deal about managing my illness and what I might still achieve. Since then, the lure of long journeys has kept pulling me back and the joy of cycling never dimishes.