Putting rubber to road and pen to paper

Writing about my journeys is a therapy itself. Revisiting adventures brings them back to life.

Writing wasn’t something I’d ever planned on doing. Not since school had I put pen to paper for anything other than academic reasons. After my breakdown I began to scribble down my thoughts and feelings in an unstructured and haphazard manner.

It became part of my therapy and when I cycled around the UK coast, people began to enquire whether I would write about it. Since those days, haven’t stopped and love expressing myself in words and now have three books to show for my efforts abd five years worth of blogging for you to hopefully enjoy.

Serenity and Storm

My first steps into Europe after a life-changing breakdown and a continuation of the Riding2Recovery project I started in 2010. This journey included a gentle and enjoyable ride down the Eurovelo route: La Velodysee, which runs for 1400 kilometres from Ilfracombe in the UK to the Spanish border at Hendaye.

This was followed by a not so gentle crossing of the Pyrenees, which was made even more interesting when I got caught up in a zone that was quickly declared a National Disaster Area as the worst storms in eighty years swept across the region.

How would I cope with this unforeseen and frightening event? Did I manage to hang in there and continue? Read the book to find out the outcome and more about these stunningly beautiful areas of France.

Riding2Recovery: All around the ragged edges

The second book in the Riding2Recovery series follows the authors continuing battle to overcome poor mental health and raise awareness of mental health issues through ultra distance fundraising cycle tours.
His 2012 journey saw him riding from Lands End in the UK to the far north of the Shetland Isles via Irelands wild and rugged west coast and the Outer Hebrides.

Having cycled unsupported around the entire UK coastline whilst managing poor mental health, and having written his first book documenting this journey,the author turned his attention to what would constitute the next step forwards in his recovery.

In deciding to cycle over 3500 kilometres from Lands End in the UK to the far north of the Shetland Isles, via Irelands wild and rugged west coast and the Outer Hebrides,the author had a new challenge that would provide that step.

The physical challenge of the cycle journey would be equalled by the mental challenge of the many ferry crossings and flights that would he would he would be forced to undertake on this new adventure.

The purpose of this trip would be to continue to raise awareness of the issues surrounding poor mental health whilst fundraising for the UK mental health charity MIND.

Had the author known that the UK was about to receive its worst summer on record he may not have ever set out. As it was he was left to battle the elements, his mind, and the physical stresses of such a major undertaking.

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Riding2Recovery: A journey within a journey

Serenity and the Storm ebook - by Graeme Willgress
This book tells the story of a man who is on two journeys. The first is a life-long battle with mental health, and the second involves a bicycle. Having suffered a serious breakdown the author returns to cycling after a twenty year gap.

Deciding he wants to cycle around the entire coast of Britain, unsupported and alone, the author begins an epic and lifechanging challenge….

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